A Simple Approach to Healing

Restore balance to your life with energy healing techniques from Tapping Into Joy in Southern California Inland Empire. All of us, young, middle-aged, and elderly, carry emotional and physical burdens that negatively impact our lives. Our simple technique helps you face the problems holding you back, remove blocks, and rediscover the power hidden inside you.

How It Works

Tapping helps you locate the blockages that, like a rubber band, keep yanking you back to square one. Like gravity, energy healing is always there, but you simply have not learned how to use it for your benefit. Our training gives you the tools you need to access your intuition, keep you in the present moment, and build your awareness.

With just five minutes a day, you can dramatically improve your physical and emotional wellness. Simply do the tapping process twice in the morning and twice at night. If you are genuine and invested, you can go from feeling instant relief to permanently lifting even deep blocks. We teach you all the techniques you need in a 30-minute or one-hour class or workshop at our church, Unity of Yucaipa.

Weight Loss

Overcome the hurdles keeping you from true wellness. Tapping focuses on curbing cravings, improving body image, and helping you accept how truly beautiful you are. This popular technique uses different, body-positive messages to give you the strength and confidence you need to love the real you.

Find Prosperity

Early in your life, you learned certain ideas about money and prosperity that now stop you from achieving true wealth. We help you discover those mistruths and dive deep into them, so you can learn when they developed and how you can overcome them. Through tapping, you tell yourself what is true, accept those new truths, and find prosperity in your life.

Move Forward

Get rid of the emotional and mental blocks that are in your way. Going forward is impossible with those blocks in place, but they can be removed as soon as they are recognized. Whether you need a single session or several months of intensive therapy, we are here to help you succeed.