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11th July, 2016 — Latest Workshop
We had a wonderful workshop this past weekend with 12 participants.  Several of the attendees had used tapping in the past but found it a bit “clumsy”.  With only 9 points, it’s easier and faster than some of the older sequences but just as effective.  One lady taught her grand children, age 7 & 8.  My church minister, Suzanne uses tapping to prepare for her Sunday talks and when dealing […]  Read more

14th June, 2016 — What is Tapping?
Tapping gained popularity when it was used in Rwanda, Connecticut and other places where severe trauma affected large numbers of victims. When I suffered a severe emotional loss I was introduced to tapping and knew at once how effective and how quickly it can work. For that reason, I volunteer for the Red Cross. I know how tapping can relieve post-traumatic stress so I hope I’m able to work with […]  Read more